Hospital mask and gloves.
Hospital mask and gloves.

Our nurses are managing COVID-19 patients in their homes to keep space in the hospital for the critically ill population.

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We’re in urgent need

Our Mission has been supported by our CareGiver fund but, unfortunately, we have had to cancel our fundraising events during a crucial time when our fragile patient population needs us the most. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are in need of:

Nurses on the homefront are saving lives, let's ensure they have the tools to protect themselves and their patients.

A nurse wearing a hospital mask and goggles.

We have only 150 telehealth units for our rapidly growing 1,170 patients

Telemedicine has reduced VNA hospitalization rates by 50%. TeleHealth provides us the opportunity to service more patients with our current staffing and ensures we can manage the increased demands of the hospital to keep their beds open for the critically ill patients.

Telehealth provides us the ability to:

VNA is reducing hospitalizations during this critical time.

As a community, we are in this together—help us continue to provide the home care that our patients need.